2019 Global Developer Insights Report

Gain access to knowledge and trends based on a survey of nearly 90,000 developers from around the world.

As the largest, most trusted online developer community, Stack Overflow attracts more than 50 million unique visitors who come to the site to help solve coding problems, develop new skills, and find job opportunities.

Each year, we field a survey covering everything from developers’ favorite technologies and their job preferences to their picks for the most influential people in tech. For nine years, companies all over the world have used findings from this resource to reach, attract, hire, and support developers.

What’s inside?

The report covers everything you need to know about developers, including basic demographics, employment status, salaries, favorite technologies, purchase influence, and more, including:

Developer Profile


Developer Type



Gender, Race, Age


Employment Status


Job Satisfaction

Job Search



Web Frameworks




Development Environments

Development Practices

Visiting Stack Overflow


Work Structure

Development Resources

Purchase Influence

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About 50% of respondents identify as full-stack developers, and about 17% consider themselves mobile developers. However, developers have complex professional identities.

Only 15% of respondents are actively looking for a job, but almost three-fourths of developers are interested in hearing about new job opportunities.

Almost 60% of respondents said they personally have some to a great deal of influence on purchasing decisions.

For the fourth year in a row, Rust is the most loved programming language among our respondents. For the seventh year in a row, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language, but Python is the fastest-growing major programming language today.

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